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Ann Arbor Art Fairs in Southeast Michigan



What:  four street fairs combine in late July to make one of the largest annual art fairs in North America!

University of Michigan campus & downtown Ann Arbor

Nearby city directions/map:  Detroit, Michigan
Nearby visitors bureauAnn Arbor CVB
Nearby bigger city directions/map:  Chicago, IL

Additional Tip:  go to “Nonprofit Row” on East Liberty to photograph exhibits by various New Age & progressive causes!


Duck March in Central Arkansas


What:  twice daily, Duckmaster & ducks take elevator between the hotel’s Duck Palace & lobby fountain — free event open to public!

Where:  Peabody Little Rock Hotel
Three Statehouse Plaza, Little Rock, Arkansas

Nearby city directions/map:  Little Rock, Arkansas
Nearby visitors bureau:  Little Rock CVB

Nearby bigger city directions/map:  Memphis, TN

Additional Tip:  follow them from start to finish to get unusual behind-the-scenes photos!

Cleveland skyline in Northeast Ohio


What:  a city view featuring famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum reflected by water in foreground!

Voinovich Bicentennial Park
800 East 9th Street, Cleveland, Ohio

Nearby city directions/map:  Cleveland, OH
Nearby visitors bureauCleveland CVB
Nearby bigger city directions/map:  Detroit, MI

Additional Tip:  see Lake Erie sunset from other side of same park!


Big Cypress Swamp in South Florida


What:  panoramic subtropical views of Everglades water, grasses, palms, & cypress trees!

  US 41, the Tamiami Trail, Collier County

Nearby city directions/map:  Naples, Florida
Nearby visitors bureau
Collier County Tourism  800-688-3600
Nearby bigger city directions/map:  Miami, Florida

Additional Tip:  south side of US 41 usually has wider shoulder for parking, then walk across road to north side — watch for fast moving traffic; further east Miami-Dade County views from US 41 do not have palms or cypress, just grass & water!

Cranberry harvest in Central Wisconsin


What:  harvesting of bogs & marshes filled with bright red cranberries along country roads in early October! 

Where:  Route 54 & 173 region

Nearby city directions/map:  La Crosse, Wisconsin
Nearby visitors bureauTomah CVB  800-948-6624
Nearby bigger city directions/map:  Milwaukee, WI

Additional Tip:  my photo taken October 10 along Route 173;  call 800-948-6624 to get best locations!

Boll Weevil Monument in Southeast Alabama



Nearby city directions/map:  Dothan, Alabama
Nearby visitors bureauAlabama Department of Tourism  800-ALABAMA
Nearby bigger city directions/map:  Mobile, AL

Where:  Main Street at College Street, Enterprise, Alabama

Additional Tip:  front of statue faces northwest; stands in middle of downtown intersection so watch for traffic; several giant colorful wall murals nearby; just southeast on Main Street is big Boll Weevil Inn sign!

 What:  one of the world’s only statues dedicated to an agricultural pest!

The Craft Show in Eastern Pennsylvania


What:  yard chock full of colorful Americana arts and crafts framed by a 19th-century historic home & picket fence!

Where:  The Milford Craft Show, 120 East Harford Street , Milford, PA

Nearby city directions/map: Scranton, PA
Nearby visitors bureauPocono Mountains Visitors Bureau 800-POCONOS
Nearby bigger city directions/map: New York, NY

Additional Tip:  town is next to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area where there are many waterfalls!

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